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Integrates with DELTA Pro/Max Link with your DELTA Pro or Max to charge up during extended blackouts. 

Efficiency First Compared to traditional gas generators, the EcoFlow Smart Generator charges directly with DC, saving you fuel and charge time. 

Charge & Power Features an AC output so you can power devices during emergencies while your power station charges up. 

Smart, Really Smart Auto-start at your set charge level. Control & monitor via the app. Auto shutdown. That’s smart.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro to Smart Generator Adapter (sold separately) is necessary when the DELTA Pro is connected to the Smart Generator.

EcoFlow Smart Generator

  • 1.Smart Generator

    2.Extra Battery Connection Cable

    3.Oil Funnel


    5.Spark Plug Socket

    6.Breaker Bar

    7.Double-Ended Spanner

    8.User Manual and Warranty Card

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