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Why You Should Install Solar Panels in Central Florida

A home rooftop solar investment will cost around $13,500. Over its lifetime, the solar system will repay this cost in full. However, you will still need to find the funds for the initial investment of close to $10,000. Luckily, there are numerous solar financing options available to residents of central Florida. If you are still wondering whether or not you should install a solar system in Polk County, here are some reasons to consider it:

Avoid Rising Energy Prices

The cost of energy has been rising steadily in Orange County in the past decade. With a solar system, you can avoid these rising prices. On average, the price of electricity in the US has risen by 15% in the past 10 years. As natural resources become more constrained, this is not going to go down. Energy prices are not heading downwards, coupled with inflation, they are likely to keep rising well into the next decade.

If this trend holds, prices of electricity in Florida could rise by 50% in the next 30 years. It could be even higher since electricity prices are prone to huge fluctuations that will stretch your budget even more. When you opt for solar, you can insulate yourself against these rising costs.

Increased Property Valuation

On average, the value of the property increased by 4% in central Florida after a solar investment. If you live in a $300,000 home, that is a $12,000 increase, which is the cost of the whole system.

It Helps Everyone

Most people who choose solar do it for the financial benefits. However, you will also be helping everyone when you use solar. Renewable energy does not actively emit greenhouse gases during its lifetime. This is good for everyone since it combats climate change.

Free Yourself from Utilities

Using solar frees you from the grid. Without solar, you are at the mercy of the local utility. If they have a bad day, and the power goes off, you have no recourse except to use expensive generators. With solar, you can invest in energy storage to help you power your homes during blackouts. Consequently, it gives you independence from the local utility.

How Do You Get Solar in Central Florida?

If you would like to install solar in central Florida, there are numerous reputable companies from which to pick. Always opt for a certified solar installer, who will help you transition to clean energy for your home. It will ensure that you enjoy lower energy bills for years to come.

If you are planning to get a solar system, 2022 is the year to do it. There is a 26% federal tax credit, which will expire soon. If it goes away, it will make the cost of installing solar systems much more costly. While it could be extended, there is also a chance that it will not be. Besides that, rising inflation means that solar systems could cost slightly more in the future if you do not take advantage of the opportunity now.

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