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Review of the EcoFlow Delta 1300

The EcoFlow Delta 1300 is a much-hyped portable battery generator offered to consumers. It comes with huge claims, including charging speeds of up to 80% in an hour. Here is a review of this portable generator.

The EcoFlow Delta 1300

The EcoFlow Delta 1300 is a portable battery generator designed to power appliances and tools in case the grid goes down. It comes with temperature protection as well as overload protection. On its front are a large LED display and 13 output ports. There are AC outlets, USB C ports, USB ports, and a 12V car outlet.

How Long Will It Last?

It is rated for 800 cycles. After that, the capacity will drop to below 60%. Since it is for emergency purposes, it is sufficient for most people. As the name implies, it can take 1300 watts of charge, and provide 1800 watts of AC power. The inbuilt inverter is rated for 3300 watts of surge power, which allows users to safely power devices with motors, which need a short boost in power.

What Can It Power?

It can power most appliances in the home, including sensitive electronics. For instance, you can power the kettle, frying pans, fridge, and even the microwave oven. It will easily charge your laptop and phone.

How Fast Does it Charge?

It can be charged to 100% in just two hours due to the use of X-Stream Technology. The unit can reach 80% in just one hour. To safely fill it up, the remaining 20% will need an extra hour. This is 10x faster than other portable generators in its price range.

The Cost and Warranty

The generator costs $1,399 on Amazon. It comes with a 24-month warranty. However, most people claim that they have used it longer than that without any issues. If you decide you need a refund, the company can offer it within 24 hours. However, you will pay a fee after that for up to 30 days.

Benefits of EcoFlow Delta 1300

Fast Charging

It can charge up to 80%in one hour, and up to 100% in just two hours. It is highly convenient for most people. During times of bad weather when the grid is spotty, it can be charged up during times when the grid is on for use when it goes down.

While it can be charged with solar panels, that will take up to 12 hours to charge up when using a pair of 110W panels. More powerful panels might be able to charge it up faster.

Many Ports

Up to 13 devices can be connected to the portable generator. You can also add a power strip if you feel that there are not enough ports to satisfy everyone’s needs. It means you can power up your phone while leaving the AC outlets for the fridge and electric pan.

Eco Friendly

This generator is many times better than a gas generator. It can be powered up using the sun, and the whole family can use that power during grid failure. Doing so helps to limit greenhouse gases while also eliminating any fumes, as is common with a gas generator. Additionally, it is safe since you do not have to store flammable fuel near or inside your home, which is dangerous.

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