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Going Green in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is perfect for green energy. The country, which lies in the tropics, has an abundance of sunshine. Its leadership has taken full advantage of this and is encouraging investment in solar energy. Using solar energy will help to improve the lives and the economy of the nation.

Solar in the Bahamas

The Bahamas has around 340 sunny days per year. As people open their eyes to energy-saving alternatives, solar is becoming a popular option. Solar-powered homes have become quite popular in the Bahamas. In some places, homes run purely on solar energy.

Homeowners in the Bahamas have realized that using solar energy can help them cut energy costs. For many homes, the energy bill is the biggest expense. As a result, when they cut energy costs, they save a huge chunk of their budget. With energy prices rising, moving to solar energy makes a lot of sense for residents of the Bahamas. Even a small solar system just for heating water can have a huge impact on the energy bill.

Commercial Solar Installations in the Bahamas

Besides residential areas, commercial solar installations are growing in popularity in the Bahamas. In addition to utilizing solar, commercial properties are employing other energy-saving measures such as switching the LED bulbs, replacing old HVAC units with modern, energy efficient ones and installing programmable thermostats. While some of these changes may not seem like much, they can lead to savings of around 25% on the energy bill even without installing solar.

Besides cutting the power bill, installing solar on commercial buildings can have a positive impact on the brand of the company. It can also encourage the community to support it as a way to show solidarity with energy-efficient measures. Besides that, installing solar on commercial buildings can make a commercial space more attractive due to the potential for lower power bills.

Government Efforts for a Green Future

In 2017, the UAE signed a deal with the Bahamas that would accelerate sustainable development in the Bahamas. As a result of the deal, the Bahamas will offset over 800 tons of carbon emissions by creating a grid-tied solar system.

In the same year, the Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) worked with the Rocky Mountain Institute to launch a solar program on the country’s Family Islands of Bimini, Inagua, Andros, and Eleuthera. This effort aims to ensure that the Family islands get at least 30% of their electricity from solar by 2030.


The Bahamas is a place of abundant clear skies, abundant sunshine, and a willing population and government that has embraced solar. Finding a solar installer in the country is relatively easy. Some homes are already being built from the ground up to make the run on solar energy only. For now, the country’s electricity mainly comes from a mix of diesel and heavy fuel oil. However, the country is beginning to exploit the sun, which is one of its most abundant natural resources, to wean itself off hydrocarbon power.

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