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EcoFlow Portable AC

The EcoFlow Wave portable AC is a convenient option for outdoor camping, as well as an indoor backup AC during summer power outages.

EcoFlow- A History of Excellence

EcoFlow became famous due to its famous portable power stations that can charge up to a dozen devices, and hold enough juice to last for days. However, the company is not done inventing helpful devices as its latest portable AC has shown.

About the Portable AC

The EcoFlow portable Air Conditioner is designed to run on AC power via an adapter. That means it can run purely on solar power or with a battery attachment from the same company. Consumers can also opt to use their car battery as a power source thanks to the car charger. It is one of the most versatile portable ACs on the market today.

It comes as a standalone AC or with an add-on battery, which is needed when going camping. The Wave AC does not have an in-built battery, which helps to keep it compact, and light. When carrying it around, you will need to have a power source close to you. Here is a bit more about the EcoFlow Wave AC.

Great for Summer Glamping

During summer, tents and RVs can get quite hot. Most outdoor ACs are not large enough to make a difference. To avoid ruining your camping experience, EcoFlow’s AC has 4000 BTU of cooling potential, which is made possible by its inverter compressor that features an innovative algorithm. The result is that once it is powered on, it can sufficiently cool a space smaller than 8 meters squared from 30 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius. This makes it one of the most powerful outdoor ACs out there.

Numerous Recharging Options

The EcoFlow Wave AC comes with numerous recharging options. Unlike other outdoor ACs, which can only be recharged by plugging into the mains' power, EcoFlow’s AC is designed to be versatile. You can power it with a wall outlet, a portable power station, a car charger, or solar panels. Combining it with our EcoFlow Delta Max Portable Power Station is estimated to provide 28% more running time under similar conditions when compared with similar power stations of similar capacity. This is because of the modern battery management software built into the devices.

Set Running Times

Outdoor ACs lose a lot of power since they are left running even when not in use. This will not be an issue with the EcoFlow Wave. It is designed to be easy to turn off via an app when not in use. For instance, you can switch it off at night when everyone is deep asleep.

To do this, you can use the app, which will automate everything for you. You can also set the predicted running time, which will balance the cooling and fan settings to save as much battery power as possible. It can also be programmed to switch off when you are not at home.

Easy to Carry

The EcoFlow wave comes with an agronomic handle that makes it easy to carry around. It can be easily moved from one point to the next and can be installed by just one person. At just 17.5 kilograms, it is light enough to easily move and position correctly to get the most benefit out of it. Its LCD screen and accompanying phone app make it one of the easiest portable ACs to use.

Little Maintenance

When purchasing a complex gadget like an Smart AC, you are always worried about maintenance. If it were to break down in the wild, you would have no way to repair it. However, that will not be an issue with the EcoFlow Wave. The device is designed to be as low maintenance as possible, making it great for outdoor use. Human intervention is not needed to remove condensed water from the device. As long as humidity remains below 70%, the AC has a built-in mechanism that automatically gets rid of the moisture.

Great as a Backup Indoor AC

The EcoFlow Wave AC is built with outdoor use in mind. However, nothing is stopping you from using it as an indoor AC unit during summer. In some places, it is common for the grid to fail during turbulent weather in summer. When that happens, it can leave you without power for hours in the heat of summer. The EcoFlow Wave is the perfect backup AC solution for beating the sweltering summer heat when the power fails. It can be used to cool a single space such as the sitting room, where most people will be located during the day. As a result, it can reduce discomfort until the grid is running again. While not its intended use, it works quite great in this role.

A Reliable Solution

While many people enjoy camping, sometimes it can get hot and uncomfortable out in the wild. The EcoFlow Wave Portable AC allows you to continue to enjoy the outdoors without suffering from.

AC is a necessity for everyone, whether you are camping outdoors or at home. It allows you to enjoy and survive the summer heat. Having a dependable air-conditioning unit will ensure you never have to suffer unnecessarily. For campers, RV lovers, and the outdoorsy types, the EcoFlow Wave portable AC was built with you in mind. Consider getting one today.

How much will it cost?

As with any purchase, the cost is always an important consideration. The EcoFlow Wave comes at a price of just $1,499. When coupled with an add-on battery, the price comes to around $2,299. You can also couple it with a portable power station, which will bring the price to around $2,699, which is a discounted price.


An AC unit may seem like a step too far for those who love barebones camping. However, for those who just want to enjoy the outdoor scenery without suffering the excessive summer heat, an outdoor AC unit is the perfect solution.

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