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Can Solar Panels Power an Entire House?

Most people who are thinking of using solar power often wonder whether it can power their entire home. The simple answer is yes, solar power can be used to light up an entire home. However, the more in-depth answer is more complex. Several factors have to come together to make it possible to power an entire home using solar power.

How Much Energy Does Your Home Use?

To use solar power to power the entire home, you would need to first know how much your entire house consumes per month. That is fairly easy to know. You can take the average of your home’s bill for the past six months to get an accurate number.

You will also need to understand how solar works. For one, some days of the week will produce more solar power than others. The same applies to the different seasons. During some months, you will be able to produce more power than in others.

Consider Storing the Power

Solar energy is only generated during the day. At night, you will have to rely on stored energy. That is where solar batteries come in. The batteries collect any excess energy from the solar system and release it at night or during days when the system is not producing power.

Solar systems come with smart devices, which control how power is sent to the batteries. This device is known as a solar charge controller. Not only does it ensure your home always has power, it helps to protect batteries from being overcharged.

To store enough power for use by the home, a single battery is not enough. You will need to come up with an entire battery bank, which will store the excess energy generated by the solar panels. The battery bank can be as large as you want since it comprises different batteries connected. However, you must ensure that it can hold enough energy to power the home.

Get Enough Solar Panels

When powering the entire home using just solar panels, you have to ensure that you have enough of them. Ensures that you have enough solar panels with enough power. Sizing solar panels is something that a professional can help you accomplish. They will examine your roof to determine how many panels can be fitted on it, and at what capacity per panel. With enough panels, you can generate enough solar energy to power your home, while charging up the solar battery bank.

The amount of solar power that lands on your roof will play an important role in determining how many solar panels you need. For instance, if a high rise or trees are obstructing the sun from reaching your rooftop, it might mean you will need more solar panels.


If you plan to power your entire home, you will need to have a solid plan. You must speak to an expert to help you understand what it will take to achieve your goal of powering the entire home with solar.

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