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The concept for Nova Energy began in 2018 during my first visit to the Bahamas. I was astonished by the beauty of the country but tormented by the inconsistent power grid. Electricity was shut off for several hours at a time every day. I was told that power was turned off to manage demand. The electrical infrastructure could not keep up with growing energy consumption. Prior to visiting the Bahamas, I earned a degree in business and energy management, so this problem intrigued me. I did some research and found out that the Bahamas generates over 99% of their energy from fossil fuels that are imported. This both confused and concerned me being that the Bahamas is a tourist destination because of its beautiful natural scenery. Furthermore, the Bahamas is perfectly located to adopt solar energy. However, the country is dependent on imported dirty fossil fuels to power the grid. So I took it upon myself to do more research into how to start a solar power company. I started off working with a company in the United States while I structured my business in the Bahamas. In August of 2020 I made my move back to the Bahamas to stay permanently, but Hurricane Dorian had other plans. So I came back to the United States, where I got the business rolling. We built connections with manufacturers, distributors, and designers. Nova Energy is now comprised of a small team of experts and representatives across the solar and energy industry. We now offer a wide variety of products and services to include backup power systems, portable power stations, DIY kits and more. While we remain located in central Florida, we are offering services in the Bahamas. In May 2022, we will start offering full service solar systems (components and installation) in Nassau. We are one of the fastest growing solar companies in Florida.

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Our mission is to make solar simple and affordable. We help families understand the benefits of solar and provide options across all price points. 

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Our vision is to empower the communities we serve by improving the environment, infrastructure, and economy. This is why we believe in “Powering Today For Tomorrow.”

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